Sunday, November 27, 2011

Team Members will Be at West Elm Representing Etsy and Our Team

Just a little message to remind all of you that some of us will be down at the West Elm Location in Mission Valley/San Diego this Thursday, Dec 1 from 6-9pm helping with wonderful DIY take home crafts and there will be a few Local Etsy sellers in store offering their work.

Details are here:

We will also be ready to promote our team and Etsy with anyone interested and are bringing along promo items for our team:
Are these cool or what?!

The balms also read "Search EASDC on" so be sure your team tags are updated!
Stay tuned for photos and we'd love to see you there.  If you'd like to volunteer please go to our Etsy team page November discussion for details.


  1. I'll be there selling Naiad Soap Arts items - can't wait to meet you!

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  3. OOps, congrats on being selected by West Elm. Look forward to meeting you.

  4. Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com